Weekly photo challenge – street life

These human statues certainly bring the streets of Spain to life.  From Barcelona:

In Madrid:

We also found street musicians everywhere.  Along the street by the alcázar in Sevilla:

In the park across from Sagrada Familia in Barcelona:

And this fun jazz band in Madrid:

In Málaga

On Larios Street:

On the street alongside El Pimpi:

To see other entries for the challenge this week, click here.  Enjoy!!



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23 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – street life

  1. ‘got to love those performing artist!

  2. Love your photos of street life in Spain!

  3. Amy

    Great street life gallery, Tobyo! Happy Sunday :)

  4. Love your pics, once again. Another thing you’re good at; photographer! I can see why you want to retire there :)

    • yes indeedy, photography is yet another of my passions ;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Is it going to be as warm there as it is here? might hit SIXTY today!! whoa…..

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  6. Love the musicians. Thanks for sharing.

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  10. Thanks for sharing this delightful walk through some streets in Spain. With musicians too. Love it! Cheers, Gina

  11. Such elegance outside the Sagrada Familia, Tobyo! :) Lots of fun on the city streets.

  12. I know el Pimpi! Must check out more of your blog.

  13. Hey, you’ve been to El Impi! What did you think of Malaga? SD

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