a collection of autumn scenes

It’s been a fairly nice fall season here in the frozen tundra and I’ve been able to get outside for walks amongst the beauty of the changing leaves.  Today we took a walk around the lake at the park and below are some of those scenes.  It’s a beautiful time of year!! Especially when the weather is agreeable :)

Street scenes:

Some colorful leaves up close:

Finally some scenes from the park today:

Probably our last two cukes of the season. Look how big one of them got!!

And for all the Fritz fans, here he is in the weeds:


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Signs

Oh but do I have some sign photos!

First, one of the many signs painted on the inside of the Washington Avenue bridge at the University of Minnesota. Various clubs and organizations advertise here. This is just one of them:

Malagueta sign at Malagueta beach, Málaga, España:

A “sign” painted on concrete road blocks in Barcelona:

This sign made us feel welcome in Málaga:

Famous Reno, NV sign at night:

The oldest restaurant in the world, Madrid:

Everyone sing along: “on the street where you live” or in this case where I lived. The street that I lived on in Madrid in 1980-81:

And one last one…..this is another form of street sign in Madrid.  These are so beautiful:

That was fun! For more fun entries, check out this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge or enter yourself. Enjoy!!


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art car

We happened upon this interesting vehicle on our way home from the apple orchard.  It’s apple season and we have enough apples now for two pies, not that I’m going to make pie. I’m thinking baked apples perhaps.

Check out the art car, so stated on its bumper.  On top is a person who appears to be hanging onto the car so he doesn’t fall.  I wish I had kept my camera on when we passed because I didn’t get a photo of the front of the vehicle, which turns out to be an old pickup.  The person’s face is right above the windshield and it’s got this huge nose!! Ah well,  you can still get the gist of it.  Amazing the things we find when we’re observant :)

Here’s a couple photos of some mums at the apple orchard.



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Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime

I found a few photos that said “nighttime” to me.  The first one is technically not at nighttime, rather it was taken at dusk, just before nighttime.  It’s a photo of my favorite hotel in Madrid, Hotel Preciados, all lit up:


The Four Queens in Las Vegas all lit up and right after I won $250!


I like this one of the Christmas tree reflected in the window even if it’s out of focus a little.

Why not join the challenge yourself?



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end of summer

but it really looks like fall with the trees just starting to change colors.  second to last day of summer here in the frozen tundra.  here are some photos from this evening’s walk around the pond.



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Minnesota State Fair 2014

Also dubbed the great Minnesota get together, it’s held every year the 12 days prior to and including Labor Day here in the great white north.  Our tradition has been to go opening day and then once or twice more.  This year was a bit different as I was not able to join hubby and kidlet for the usual visit first thing in the morning due to my new job.  Instead hubby and kidlet went without me and they got their hands stamped so that they could return with me after I was off of work later in the day.  Oh and kidlet got her braces off in between too.  Her teeth look great!!  It was definitely worth it!

I didn’t take as many photos this year due to not returning for a second trip.  Hubby and I had planned to go together the last weekend but I had to bow out because I stubbed my toe so badly that my foot got swollen and I could barely walk.  I was bumming because I really wanted to see the dahlia display in the Agriculture building.  However, I do have some great photos that hubby took when he went without me.  I hope you all enjoy the photo tour of this year’s fair.  Next year I will see the dahlias in person!

Up first, the crop art photos that I took:

The rest of the photos are the ones that hubby took.  Here are some from his first trip on opening day:

A bit of explanation for those that might not be aware….there are all kinds of foods on a stick at our fair. Every year there is a list of the new foods on a stick to try. So, the booth with the original eraser on a stick is a play on that.

In closing, please enjoy hubby’s photos of the dahlias I could not see in person.  He did a great job!



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Wild River State Park – the annual camping trip

Each summer since we’ve been in Minnesota we’ve gone on at least one camping trip.  For the past several years we’ve gone to the same spot in the Jay Cooke State Park campground.  One year we were rained out and got refunded for some of our reservation.  Two years ago was the great flood that closed our favorite Jay Cooke and we got refunded our entire reservation.  I think maybe we didn’t go camping that year.  But this year again it looked like lousy weather so we opted to cancel at Jay Cooke and on the fly chose to camp at Wild River State Park.  We had camped there before but it’s been many years.  It may have been where Miss M camped for the first time.

We chose a spot the same way we found the best spot at Jay Cooke: by looking at the map of the campground online and doing our best to choose the most private spot.  And we got “the” best spot at Wild River, according to hubby dearest.  It was rather nice, so nice we’re talking about going back there again.  And likely at the same spot.  Wild River is in a very scenic area along the St. Croix River.  We can see Wisconsin from the banks of the St. Croix.

Once we got the tent set up we set out for a hike.  This park has 35 miles of trails!  And there was a path to one of them right next to our campsite.  Of course I took photos along the way.  Here’s my photo tour of our trip to another great Minnesota State Park.  We will be back!

A few photos from our hike down to the river:

Some beautiful things we saw along the way:

Check out these great reflections!  The river was so still, and the sky with white puffy clouds and brilliant blue sky.  It was so beautiful:

While we were hiking along the river a small rain shower happened by.  In fact, here is a photo of the rain cloud that passed by:

Naturally we wondered if it was raining at the campground.  We weren’t sure we had secured anything that might get wet.  It did rain a little but all seemed well.  We started to talk about making dinner when it started to rain again.  Miss M and I hid out in the tent and hubby later joined us when it didn’t stop after 5 or so minutes.  We sat in there for about 20 minutes while it rained.  It was actually quite pleasant.  Here’s the view from the tent:

The weather was nearly perfect, albeit a little soggy.  After the rain it never really dried out.  The towels I used in the evening were still damp in the morning.  But that’s why you bring extra towels :)


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